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Miracle - Survived a 3 way Match

What are the odds of surviving the whole three way match with out getting killed. Very little, almost a miracle. Well today it happened to me (unfortunately was not recording). Spawned on B1 Mountain town. Went to A line (controlled by US). Killed a camping (noob didn't hear me coming) sniper with only 8 bullets left! (wasted all 33 bullets within 5 mins). Refill ammo. Change line and picked a spot behind O1 (German base). Didn't work out, so change to O2 base. And, then... (view screen shots) 12 kills with M1903 and all of them at 250 - 300 meters shots. I never single took hit. They never found and and survived the whole match and rich by 10k. I am Greedy and Happy. :)